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ONESIDE™—the only true structural blind fastener in the world.

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Ajax Oneside Blind Fastening SystemThe ONESIDE™ is the only blind fastening system on the market that offers true structural strength, similar to that seen when using standard nut and bolt techniques (A325 bolts). It is capable of carrying the high clamp loads required by structural joints and allows bolting directly onto hollow members such as tanks, pressure vessels, wall cavities, communication towers and closed structural sections.

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The ONESIDE™ Blind Fastening System comes galvanized, is very easy to install and offers structural strength in both shear and tension, which the alternative toggle and rivet systems cannot match. Higher strength means a smaller number of fasteners are required and in turn reduces both cost and installation time.

Design with ONESIDE™

Architects and engineers should consider the use of the ONESIDE™ Blind Fastening System at the design stage. This will allow for increased flexibility in structure design and lead to confidence that no unforeseen problems will occur later in the assembly. The parameters for using the system are included in the attached technical notes.

Additional information: Design with Oneside™Download additional info about designing with the Oneside system   Get Adobe Reader

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