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Bellota High Quality Agricultural Replacement Parts

Bellota Agrisolutions

Having celebrated its 105th anniversary in business, the parent company of Bellota Agrisolutions and Tools, Corporatión Patricio Echeverria, is well prepared to take on the challenges of the next 100 years of manufacturing excellence. With factories in Spain, USA, Brazil, India, Denmark, France and five in Central and South America, Bellota is the largest manufacturer of agricultural parts in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

As part of the company's long term commitment to manufacture only the highest quality agricultural replacement parts possible, in 1996 Bellota received certification to the International Quality Standards of ISO 9002.

Additionally, in the early 1990's Bellota became the first disc blade manufacturer in the world to produce all of their disc blades and coulters from boron steel. Using boron steel allows Bellota to supply one of the hardest blades in the world, offering the end user some of the longest wearing blades available as well as the necessary flexibility to withstand severe impact conditions. Because of the many years of using only boron steel to manufacture blades, Bellota has the experience to offer the highest quality and most consistent boron disc blades in the world.

Bellota manufactures a complete range of disc blades for almost every possible requirement. Their diameter range of products is as follows:

Bellota parts are known throughout the worldWe will also be very happy to quote on your special shapes, diameters, thicknesses and center hole designs to meet your specific requirements.

Unless your parts require special tools and dies to manufacture, Bellota generally will be able to ship your orders, complete, within 45 days after receipt of your order. This is one of the best delivery commitments in the industry. For our OEM customers, parts can be supplied in LCL quantities, through our Milan Illinois factory and warehouse location or in full container loads shipped direct to your location

Distribution and Sales
Bellota also has a long standing policy of only selling products to Original Equipment Manufacturers or approved and authorized distributors.

With the best quality wear parts available in the agricultural industry, competitive prices, extensive range of products and a commitment to supply the product right the first and every time, we are very proud to represent Bellota for their sales and marketing efforts in the United States and Canada.